Florian Gallo

Adventures of a Young Perfumer


(Insert photo Workshop FF Firmenich Shanghai 309A7352)   Thursday, September 16, 2019, a great day for Firmenich, for all the people who make up the company, for the creative team of Shanghai and for me. Firmenich officially opened the doors of its new Fine Fragrances Workshop in China, in the  heart  of Shanghai.   For this opening ceremony, Firmenich saw
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9.257km separates Paris from Shanghai. It's a long journey between the West and the East. I can feel both excitement and apprehension deep inside me. Contrary emotions between the joy of going on an adventure, of experiencing something unique in my life; and the worry of being away from the people that matter to me,
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“I bring sensitivity and a keen understanding of culture to each of my creations.”


Florian Gallo was trained in Grasse, and has lived and worked in dynamic markets like Latin America and London. After 5 years at perfume company Robertet, Florian was nominated Perfumer in 2018 and then joined perfume and taste company Firmenich in June 2019. After three months of on-boarding in its Fine Fragrance Creative Center in Paris, France, he transferred to the Shanghai Fine Fragrance Atelier in China. Florian holds a Master’s degree in Sciences & Technologies of Perfumery from ISIPCA and a BSC in Chemistry.

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