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Thursday, September 16, 2019, a great day for Firmenich, for all the people who make up the company, for the creative team of Shanghai and for me.

Firmenich officially opened the doors of its new Fine Fragrances Workshop in China, in the  heart  of Shanghai.


For this opening ceremony, Firmenich saw the big picture: a launch party to which all our clients were invited to the premises of our Workshop, then an immersion in the art of olfaction and Chinese culture through various multi-sensory workshops.


The opening of Fine Fragrance Atelier was launched with a blue ribbon cut, in the colors of Firmenich

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The first part of this launch party was dedicated to visiting our new Atelier premises for our customers, while the second part, “Aesthetics of China”, offered a multi-sensory experience to our customers around the Chinese aesthetic symbols explored through sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.


In particular, each workshop revealed a perspective between olfactory and Chinese culture. The four workshops particularly impressed me: the first workshop was a video and audio immersion in different cultural atmospheres of Shanghai, of different personalities representative of China. For this workshop, I had developed with Fabrice Pellegrin, Master Perfumer and Luc Berriet, Director of Asia-Pacific Perfume Development, a smell inspired by a Shanghai night, “Night Crawler”, whose custom is to sip this typical cocktail mixing notes of whisky and sweet green tea.


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The second multi-sensory experience that I really enjoyed was the one around the “tea and perfume” ceremony. As the tea ritual is an ancestral Chinese art that I am passionate about, this workshop literally took me on a trip to China. There were 4 olfactory expressions for which the tea master made us enjoy an infusion, giving taste and olfactory notes.

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Because I am a young perfumer and part of this “scrolling generation”, I was personally drawn to the workshop highlighting Shanghai, its innovative character and its historical poetry. Perfume, like China, explores both technology with a form of sensitivity. This workshop draws an interesting parallel between these two contrasts. To express it, the creative team had created two olfactory interpretations of Chinese poems, only readable via a QR code. A state-of-the-art olfactory immersion around woody, fruity and spicy notes.

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Finally, the last workshop addressed the Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements: water, metal, fire,  wood and earth. In China these 5 elements are part of a whole, the universe, whose interactions between them allow to create a balance, a harmony. Here, the olfactory experience was blind, each person was led to guess the fundamental element expressed olfactorily. Each fragrance illustrated a texture of wood, metal, water, fire and earth, so each person could discover their own energy field

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In parallel to these four workshops, a staging of  perfume projects linked to China between Firmenich and Cent Degrés, a design, architecture and brand intelligence agency located in the heart of Shanghai, was presented

(Insert Photo 309A7733). In particular, there was the scent of the Silk Road, which borrows several raw materials from this historical route between East and West:  spicy nuances of cardamom and cinnamon, contrasted with smoky incense notes and sandalwood inflections on an oriental background. A bewitching scent, very faceted and textured like velvet.


This inauguration in the presence of all our customers gave Firmenich the opportunity to show our presence and gain credibility with our local and international clientele, and in general throughout the perfume industry. Fine perfumery in China is a booming market and we are the first to operate in Fine Fragrance in China, in the heart of Shanghai. This is exceptional!  (Insert Photo 309A8172)